What is Do One Better?

Do One Better is a free resource space to learn more about the goods you buy everyday, so you can make better informed purchases that are more sustainable, ethical, and affordable.

At the start of 2021, we were both looking to purchase some new skincare and clothing products. While digging through different resources, we found it hard to find this information all in one space. Many people in our communities also shared this struggle with us. It just took too much time to find a sustainable, ethical brand that was affordable.

This is where Do One Better comes in! With the rise of conscious consumerism, both brands and people care more about making a social impact. We take care of the heavy lifting by researching the good lifecycle, its ingredients and finding brands you can trust — all in one stop shop.

Over here on Substack, we post out a weekly newsletter, highlighting the true cost behind common goods. We try to make this the most informative and actionable email you get on Thursday mornings.

Subscribe if you are interested in learning with us! Learn more about who we are over at our website, https://doonebetter.today/.

Written with care by Gibson and Maitri.